Girl in a Window

Just went through some of my old photographs, that I discarded. This photo I found a bit boring. But after a little brush up with blacks, saturation and clarity in Lightroom, I found the colors to give something new to the photo. So instead of deleting it, I decided to keep it. Sometimes a photo needs to be put aside before you use it or delete it…Hope you like it.

Rome, March 2015. Photo: Jan Jespersen Photography


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  1. Very striking! It’s indeed very important not to delete all of the files you aren’t 100% happy with at first glance. I often go through old photos and realize I dislike previous favourites and prefer other ones.

  2. I think it’s important to remember that there must have been SOME reason you took the photograph in the first place, even if it isn’t always obvious. I refrain from deleting even ‘looser’ images for a while, and sometimes I can unearth that reason later. Give in to your subconcience. Take the photograph and look for the meaning later.

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