It is always a mystery to me, why some photographs work, and others don’t. Yes a good composition, a good history or emotions – or even better – all in one. But sometimes you just get surprised. This photo, was taken a couple of years ago. At first I put it aside, because of a very red light and I forgot about it. A couple of days ago, I was browsing through my old photos, and I noticed the wonderful laughs from the children who were dancing. So I decided to try a monochrome version, and liked it.

Tivoli Big Band, Copenhagen August 2014. Photo: Jan Jespersen
Tivoli Big Band, Copenhagen August 2014. Photo: Jan Jespersen

To me this photo is not the best, when you look at the composition. And the story with some dancing children and a band in the background, is maybe, a bit plain. But the emotion, the feelings, the happiness and true joy, just did it for me. I then decided to post it to some street photo groups on Facebook. And I have never had so many likes on any photo before. If you knew me, you would know that likes on social medias, is something I care very little about.  Nevertheless it gives you an indication if a photo works for the viewer or not. And in this case, it shows me that there are so much more to a photo, than the composition and the photographic rules, we all try to fulfill. And this is such a relief. This is what keeps me trying to make the next photo better! You never know what works 😉


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  1. Yes an image that works. I had a similar experience with an image initially discarded and then rediscovered a couple of years later. It has become my most popular image on Instagram. Leads to all sorts of reflections on likes, popularity and posting for yourself but definitley in your case i think there is something spontaneous and honest in your image which many people must also like.

  2. The emotion and the joy does it for me too! What a wonderful image, it tells a very sweet story!

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