Always bring your camera

My daytime job is located in Copenhagen, but I live 30 km from the office. Two times a week I take my road bike to work. The other days I go by car, and park in the outer part of Copenhagen, and then take a city bike from my car to the office. (The traffic, and especially the price for parking, is ridiculous in the city center). I  have a camera in my pocket, or in my bag, almost every day. Most days it stays there. Either I don’t have the time, the light is boring or I simply don’t feel like photographing. Then there are days where you suddenly get hit by the mood or by a beautiful light. It happened the other day. I was on my city bike, and then suddenly I saw this yellow wall, with a beautiful sunlight. I went off course, checked my watch and found out that I could make about 15 minutes photographing.

I really couldn’t find any good shots near the yellow wall. But then I realized that I was close to a subway station I didn’t know. Forum Metro Station. The sun had a direct angle into the entrance. So I went in and started exploring the area.

Copenhagen, September 2017. Photo: Jan Jespersen


A couple of days later, I had time to visit the location for 15 minutes more. It was kind of mind opening. To find a new location, so near my normal route to work. Suddenly the sunlight, a color and a mood, had opened my eyes, and mind for exploring new things. It made me realize, once again, why I do street photography.

The process, rather than the end product.

To go out and see, and explore the world and life in general. This is why I always bring a camera with me. So I urge you to bring your camera with. To enjoy the process, and let the end product, the photograph, come second. Not that the photo itself doesn’t  matter. It does very much! 🙂  But in the end, it is all about you. And how you feel and enjoy the time with your camera. Otherwise it has no meaning.


(Neard info: All photos taken with Ricoh GR or Fujifilm X-PRO2)


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  1. Nice set Jan ! We have already discussed that on FB. You’re damn right when you say that one must enjoy the process before craving for “keepers” and “Glory Shots”. We all know that Street Photography only rewards the more patient ones. You have to shoot a lot to even think about getting a good one !
    You did wok the scene pretty well at this metro station. Some really good shots !

    Best regards Jeff

    • Thank you Jeff. Yes we fully agree in this matter 🙂 And I also agree that shooting a lot of photos is the way to go. We have digital cameras, so just shoot away. Of course you still have to know what you do, and be able to spot the scenes, and frame it. That is the key. I know that many others don’t agree about the many shots. And that is fine too. If it works, it works. Again – the process… 😉

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