La Fontaine

The old and very cozy La Fontaine…. This little tiny jazz club, is the oldest jazz venue in Copenhagen. One of my biggest hobbies, is playing jazz and of course I listen to it every day (not only jazz btw). So La Fontaine has been a small part of my life for more than 30 years, since my first visit as teenager. Actually we have some very nice jazz venues in Denmark, but La Fontaine has that old soul. It is rather beaten up, since the economy is not the best. But the entrance fee is low and there is live music every Friday and Saturday. On Sundays there is a fantastic jam session,  you can attend for free. The musicians playing here are so great.

Photo: Jan Jespersen

So while waiting for spring, my dear girlfriend and I, decided to make visit after a good dinner. I had my Fujifilm X-E3 in the bag, but had no plans for photographing. But as always, after a couple of drinks and beers, I couldn’t resist. My girlfriend is very patience when it comes to my photography. She is used to me falling behind, when walking in the streets. And suddenly disappearing  into a scene with some nice light or other good photographic motifs. (Must be a pain to travel with me sometimes). And so she is when we are having a night out to hear music. Suddenly I am not sitting beside her, but is on the floor below the stage. And she is just laughing. How lucky can a man be? 😉

So here are some snapshots from this one evening the 20 January 2018. I have to give the little Fuji some credit. Normally I would bring my Canon 6D for shooting low light. But the Fuji did it well, with ISO settings from  3200 to 10.000. And even if I was maybe a little influenced by alcohol, most of the images were super sharp. Lenses used were the xf 18mm, xf 23mm f/2 and xf 35mm f/1.4


The musicians this evening were:
Jan Harbeck (saxophone)
Johannes Buhl (piano)
Morten Ankarfeldt (bas)
Casper Mikkelsen (drums)


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