Copenhagen in February

Still freezing here in Denmark, but the light is slowly returning. So I decided to take a short afternoon walk in Copenhagen, before meeting up with my fellow Platea Street Photography Collective member, and good friend, Peter Kirkeskov Rasmussen. We were going to a book reception with the Danish street photographer Jon Bjarni Hjartarson . He has released his first street photography book. Check him out on Instagram under @jonbjarnicom. Interesting and raw street portraits.

Anyway, here are some snapshots from the walk before and after the reception.


You can see more of my work here:


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  1. Classy shots Jan ! That triangle photograph is awesome. What is it ? Btw can you tell me what plugin do you use for comment ?

    • Thanks Jeff! The triangle is from an installation on the Frost Festival here in Copenhagen, called The Wave. There are a lot of different light installations. And the Triangles are on Ofelia Plads in the habour area in Copenhagen. Actually a great spot for street photography.

      If you mean commenting here on the blog, I don’t use any plugin. Just the WP admin online. Actually I only use the free WP blog.

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