A Photographic Scene

I really enjoy finding a photographic scene, where light and leading lines are beautiful, and gives me something to work with. And then just wait a little, until a subject walks into this scene. In street photography, this method is not always accepted as true street photography, and maybe even not as candid photography. But hey, does it matter? Not to me. I am not a true street photographer anyway. I see myself more as urban-, humanistic- and life photographer. I love the kick it gives when finding these scenes. Waiting, observing and then pressing the shutter, when the right moment is there.

The most important reason to bring my camera, is to observe life in a more slow tempo, and then having this kick. This is why I still do it. I do street photography for myself. It is also nice when the viewer likes it of course. But we live in a time where everything is measured in clicks and likes. Never forget what is really important in life. The process – rather than measurement of the product! Sometimes we forget this in these Excel sheet times, where we all get measured by someone else.

Here is a little example from the other day. Beautiful light, with shadows, reflections and lines. A 10 minute photographic break, before going to work in the office. Still can feel the kick 🙂


Gear: Ricoh GR, Fujifilm X-E3 with XF 14mm and XF 27mm

You can see more of my work here:


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  1. Nice pics ans spot Jan. Definitely street work for me. HCB used this Fishing trick. So do I. Nothing wrong with waiting and being patient.

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