Afternoon in Copenhagen


This summer has been fantastic here in Denmark. Sunny and warm. The sun has actually been shining since the end of April, and no rain at all. A totally new experience for a street photographer living here. My dear friend, and fellow Platea member, Peter Kirkeskov Rasmussen, took a short break from work and vacation, to meet an afternoon for some street photography, coffee, tacos and a cold beer.

Copenhagen, July 2018. Fujfilm x-pro1 and xf 35mm f/1.4

Of course we ended up talking gear. I don’t know why we always end up with this. We all know that gear doesn’t matter. Just go out and shoot with what you got. But still we end up talking Leica, Fujifilm, analog vs digital and lenses. And I ended up walking around with Peters old trusty Fujifilm x-pro1. I have a long time wanted to get a used x-pro2, since I often miss the OVF (optical viewfinder) on my little x-e3. But the price is way to high for these otherwise nice cameras. So I had read good and bad things about the old, slow and chunky x-pro1. And let me start to say – the x-pro1 is maybe old, but not slow and chunky. I was very surprised how good it felt in the hands and how nice it was to work with. Less buttons and functions. And great build quality. But more important. The raw and jpg files I got out from it, were so nice and good looking. The colors, and especially the dynamic rendering, are beautiful. So the day after, I bought a used x-pro1 in mint condition, to a great price. And I already love it. 🙂

Here are a couple of shots from a great afternoon in Copenhagen.

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