The Gentleman

Had a cozy afternoon and evening with my fellow Platea Street Photography Collective members, Brian Jakobsen and Peter Kirkeskov, a dark November day. As always a lot of talk and not much photographing. We dropped by the Leica Boutique in the center of Copenhagen, and Peter bought a very beautiful used Leica M5. Nothing unusual in that I guess. Analog photographers needs a lot of cameras, just like us digital shooters 😉 Remind me of not going analog! It would not cure my GAS…. But looking forward to see the images the M5 can produce in Peters creative hands.

Only one image worth showing from that evening. What a personality. A quick snapshot, edited in Lightroom with more contrast and darken of shadows and blacks. Had to crop it in 1/1 format due some annoying concrete pillars. I am here close to my own rules on how much I would post-edit a street image. But I kind of like the result.


Copenhagen, November 2018. Fujifilm X-E3 | XF 18mm f/2

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